The all new S-Series range of digital media storage and playback systems are designed from the ground up to provide installers with state of the art solutions at a very affordable price. All models are based around a common architecture making it simple to identify the right product or products for any given installation.

All S-Series models are consrtucted from aluminium with a quality sandblasted finish and utilise Heat Pipe Direct Touch cooling technology which makes them virtually silent during operation

Not only is the S-Series the most technically advanced and coherent media solution around, it also looks stunning!!



View of S-3

The S-3 Is the flagship of our new S-Series. Offering state of the art audio/video playback capabilities combined with a generous amount of internal storage (up to 8TB), yet measuring only 435 mm(W) x 100mm(H) x 319mm(D), theS-3 is ideal for use as either a high capacity zone player or as a centralised media server in a whole house media distribution system.

Need even more storage? No problem, additional storage can be added by connecting high-speed direct attached storage (DAS) devices to the S-3 e-sata or USB3 expansion ports. Alternatively take advantage of the high-speed network connection and link your S-3 to a good network attached storage device (NAS).

In addition to playing back and storing movies, videos, music and photos, you can even integrate your TV viewing into the same system. Just add one or more supported TV tuners to the system to instantly take advantage of the S-Series' advanced DVR and TV distribution capabilities.

For more detailed technical information please download the S-3 brochure here.


View of S-2

The S-2 is our entry level combined storage and playback system. While it offers all of the same amazing capabilities as the flagship S-3, the reduced dimensions of the system (only 435mm(W) x 60mm(H) x 325mm(D)) means that the amount of internal storage is significantly reduced and the number of internal TV tuners that be be installed is halved. That said with up to 4TB of storage available and support for further expansion via external devices, the S-2 is still an extremely capable device ideal as a combined player/ server for smaller installations or as a high quality dedicated zone player.

For more detailed technical information please download the S-2 brochure here.


View of S-2

The S-1 is our dedicated zone player. While a capable stand-alone device it really comes into its own when paired with either an S-3 or S-2 media server. At only 240mm(W) x 250mm(D) x 100mm(H) the S-1 can be placed virtually anywhere and if purchased with the solid state drive (SSD) only option is completely silent.

That said, for such a small device theS-1 offers an impressive array of expansion ports so for installation with a limited budget it is quite possible design I highly capable solution around it safe in the knowledge that future expansion will be possible.

For more detailed technical information please download the S-1 brochure here.